Thursday, October 2, 2008

What about the banks?

If there are only 4 or 5 government supported “super-banks” remaining and the rest are insolvent, and everyone is on a cash basis, does it really matter? All of the politicians love to say that it is the small business owner who drives economic growth. Why not take the foot of credit oppression off of their throats first and enable them to get the ball rolling again? If most of the banks are already insolvent, then save the average American and restart the economy. Furthermore, would this be the quickest way to jumpstart tax revenues again? Having just witnessed the aftermath of Ike, I can tell you FEMA wasn’t who started things rolling again. It was the local authorities and individual citizens. I suspect the same will be true for this financial catastrophe. Wall Street may have caused this crisis, but it will be the average American who stands up and delivers us from it! Screw Wall Street and save the average American instead so he can start rebuilding America.

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